• The Group Pays

    Each auction participant pays a small fee to participate in the auction with the group.

  • The Group Bids

    Once an auction is considered “good” and goes live, all of the participants participate in a penny style auctioning platform. Placing bids is free.

  • You Drive Away

    The participant that places the highest bid makes the purchase at the highest bid price.

About Groopid.com

We are a company aimed at providing people with something they need at a price they can afford. And we do mean afford and not just the illusion of affordability. We understand that our business model requires some people to take risks, but we have and will continue to do our best to mitigate those risks by offering things of equal or greater value to unsuccessful participants for their participation. We care about all of our users, both Buyers and Sellers. We care about the people who are successful as well as those that are unsuccessful  We ask ourselves daily “how…more

Our Guarantee