• The Group Pays

    Each auction participant pays a small fee to participate in the auction with the group.

  • The Group Bids

    Once an auction is considered “good” and goes live, all of the participants participate in a penny style auctioning platform. Placing bids is free.

  • You Drive Away

    The participant that places the highest bid makes the purchase at the highest bid price.

About Us

Groopid Principles

1)      Complete Transparency – Groopid will answer any question you have about our site, business, or at home waxing.

2)      Karmic Crowdfunding – If you don’t win an auction, you created some positive karma for yourself by helping someone else get an incredible deal.

3)      Rebate program – Groopid is committed to every auction participant getting something for their purchases, apart from the excitement of a live auction and good karma.  Hopefully we will eventually have enough partners on board to provide everyone with some sort of coupon.  Right now, we are working to grow the partner list. …more

Our Guarantee